Les Bijoux TANK

TANK Jewelry

  • What era?
Dating from 1940 - 1950, Tank jewelry is still called "war jewelry".
  • Why the name Tank?
The Tank jewel impresses with its exuberant volume, like the military vehicle, the tank, and the buildings of this period of war. The tank ring is remarkable for its retro design, its massive appearance, its architectural lines, its geometric volume.
  • Which subjects ?
Yellow gold or pink gold and the dominance of diamonds characterize Tank jewelry. The Tank ring is often set with natural diamonds and synthetic rubies. Indeed, the use of synthetic stones was common at that time. It should also be kept in mind that in the middle of the Second World War, the priority did not go to the extraction of natural precious stones for jewelry: it is therefore not uncommon to find synthetic rubies set on jewelry. of very good quality. This is part of the characteristic style of this era!
  • Some examples of Tank rings on sale in stores
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